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Name:Lang Noriega-Vos
Birthdate:Mar 8
Location:New York, United States of America
tunguska effect band autographs.jpg

Lang's father was a Colonel in the United States Army, stationed at USAG Brussels in Brussels, Belgium. It was in Brussels that he met Lang's mother. The family lived in Bruges and he made the 1 hour commute back and forth each day. Lang's father never wanted children and he made sure both she and her mother knew. He started verbally abusing her around the time she turned 5.

He retired shortly before Lang turned 7 and the family moved to Den Haag, Netherlands where they lived until she was 14. It was then that her father uprooted them all and decided they'd move back to his home state of of New Jersey. Lang started high school that fall, feeling like an outsider--a feeling made worse by a lack of confidence in her English.

At the beginning of the school year, Lang signed up for an Intro to Keyboard class and even though it was just an electric keyboard, she fell in love. She also signed up to play in the school’s orchestra. The orchestra director started her on oboe because no one else wanted to play that instrument.

Lang's best friend Caroline frequented parties thrown by upperclassmen and it was at once such party in the fall of sophomore year that Lang was introduced to a boy her friend had been hooking up with on and off the year before. That boy was Sebastian Noriega [profile] carlos_marron.

Junior year, the school’s orchestra director decided violin might be a better fit for her because of her perfect pitch. But Lang had been spending all of her free hours, as much as she was able to, at the school practicing on the piano in the band room. What she really wanted to do was audition for the open piano spot in the orchestra. The orchestra director said they needed someone with more experience and filled the spot without giving her a chance.

In the spring of junior year, Sebastian OD’d on heroin. Lang found him unresponsive in his mother’s garage. He spent a week in the hospital where she was able to convince him to go to rehab where he spent six months.

Lang had spent the summer months perfecting an audition tape for Juilliard and with Sebastian’s encouragement, she sent it to the school in the fall. She had proven to be technically proficient on violin, but piano was her true love.

Lang binge drank her way through the rest of senior year. When college acceptance letters came out, she was accepted to New York University, Boston University, Brandeis, and Boston College. But not the New England Conservatory of Music. Not Berklee. And most devastatingly, not Juilliard.

She decided on NYU and moved out, telling her parents she was living on campus. It was easy because they had no interest in visiting. Secretly, she moved in with Sebastian to a tiny apartment in Newark, in a bad neighborhood near the airport. He made the proposal official that Christmas.

After that, she decided she was done following the path her father wanted her on. She got out of the psychology degree path and got out from her father’s financial control. She applied for scholarships and financial aid and started pursuing a degree in music, scraping by with what little money they had.

After college, she started auditioning for jobs with local and national orchestras, but nothing ever resulted in invitations for further auditions. Giving up, she started teaching piano at a local record store where she met Stefan Van der Berg and Thomas Haas. The three of them found a common passion for heavy metal, with Thomas being the guitar teacher at the same record store and Stefan being the parent of Hannah, one of Lang's students. This is where Tunguska Effect formed, with Lang as frontwoman.

It was through her husband's job as a package car driver for UPS that she's connected with legendary producer Rick Rubin. Immensely impressed, Rubin signed Lang's band.

History is still unfolding.


EP (Jan 2014)
1. Paradise ft. Tarja
2. Shot in the Dark ft. Sebastián Noriega
3. Fire and Ice
4. Let Her Go (Passenger cover)

LP (Jan 2015)
1. Mother Earth
2. Jane Doe
3. And We Run ft. Xzibit
4. Iron
5. Faster
6. Covered by Roses
7. Sinéad
8. Memories
9. Whole World is Watching ft. Dave Pirner

tunguska full b sides back.jpg
EP (Sept 2015)
1. Living On Fire (demo version)
2. And We Run (evolution track)
3. Covered By Roses (evolution track)
4. Silver Moonlight (demo version)
5. Keep On Breathing (demo version)
6. Radioactive (Imagine Dragons cover)

LP (Jan 2016)
1. Towards the End (live)
2. Somewhere ft. Anneke van Giersbergen (live)
3. Memories (live)
4. Shot in the Dark (live)
5. Utopia ft. Chris Jones (live)
6. Iron (live)
7. Let Her Go (Passenger cover) (live)
8. Murder (live)
9. Forgiven (live)
10. Ice Queen (live)
11. Lost (live)

Notes and credits:
Sharon den Adel is only used to give the character a visual representation

All album artwork and fiction contained within this journal belong to rikku_cheerio. All songs and associated images and/or lyrics belong to Within Temptation.
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